Return to School Information

Good evening this is Gary Haverfield, Superintendent at BCHS with some very important information regarding school opening up in a few weeks. Beaverhead County High School has been in constant contact and received information from the Office of Public Instruction and the Governor’s office regarding the RE-opening of school’s this fall.  BCHS has also worked closely with our local Public Health Department and the elementary school district to finalize our Re-opening plan. 

The Beaverhead County High School Board of Trustees, at their regular August 10 Board meeting approved our Safe Schools COVID-19 Guidelines and our Re-open plan to start the 2020-2021 school year. Below is a summary of the Re-opening plan which will be used to open up school on Friday, August 28 for our incoming freshmen and Monday, August 31 for the upperclassmen.

  • Level II  - All students present, with enhanced safety and health guidelines and protocols in place
  • Level II – Transportation: Only those students who live 3 miles and out will be picked up. No in town students will be picked up during Level II
  • Students who Opt-out will receive offsite instruction by their teachers, but will come to school on the 1st day to pick up books and other educational resources.
  • Our Safe Schools COVID-19 Guidelines document can be found on our website at  
  • The Board passed an onsite instruction eligibility rule. In order for students to participate in any extracurricular activity students must attend onsite for instruction. Students who Opt-out on onsite instruction will not be eligible to participate.
  • The following is a list of highlighted pages in the plan that we would ask parents to preview:
  • Health Guidelines – Page 6
  • Level II information - Page 12
  • Office Measures to protect staff & students – Page 14 (Only necessary visitors will be allowed entrance)
  • Measures to protect Faculty, Staff, & Student Health: Safety Actions -  Page 16
  • Transportation Plan – Pages 18 & 19  (Level II –Page 18)
  • BCHS Daily Sanitizing Plan – Pages 20-21
  • All staff and students will wear a mask or face covering, except for some isolated situations, IDEA/504 exemptions, and/or medical exemption

Our School District remains committed to maintaining timely and relevant communications with staff, families and the community as this new school year begins. With your help, your students' enthusiasm, and our teachers' leadership, we'll meet this challenge and have a successful school year.

Again, please check our website at   The BCHS Safe School COVID-19 guidelines tab to locate all this information. More specific information will be sent in the near future.

Just a reminder all ROBO Call transcripts can be found on the BCHS website.