Activities, Induction, Service

Activity Advisor: Jordan Plutt                

Activity:  Honor Society

Activity Description: Recognizes and fosters academic achievement while developing other characteristics essential to citizens in democracy, especially those of Character, Leadership, and Service.

Activity Objectives: To serve as a training ground for the youth who will be leaders in the years to come. To learn to use one’s talents, skills, and knowledge for the betterment of others. To ensure the continuation of democracy by learning to make wise decisions and adapting to new challenges.

Activity Outline:


Once a month, usually the first Tuesday evening of each month during the school year. Other meetings as deemed necessary. If any student has 3 unexcused absences during the school year, he/she will be dropped from membership. Said student can reapply the following year for membership providing the membership criteria are met.

Service Activities

A 12 hour individual service project is required by the national organization for each student each year of membership beginning in the fall after induction. Failure to complete the required service project each year will result in the student NOT being awarded the Honor Cord worn at graduation and the student will NOT be designated as an Honor Society member in the graduation program. Seniors who are inducted in the spring of their senior year are NOT required to complete the service project.

  • Chalk Drawings for Homecoming—members “sell” squares of the sidewalk around the BCHS campus for students to draw on to promote school spirit during Homecoming.

  • Parent/Teacher conference help—greet and direct parents to various classrooms in the building.

  • Thanksgiving and Christmas Pitch-In—Money is collected from the student body for donation to the Food Pantry for their holiday needs.

  • The Giving Tree—Honor Society supports the Dillon Giving Tree at Christmas with gifts (2 girls and 2 boys).

  • School Newspaper—Honor Society members write, print, and distribute “The Lodge” on a monthly basis.

  • Kiss a Senior Good-Bye—Honor Society prepares a small bag of Hershey’s Kisses for each graduating senior; usually handed out the senior’s last day of school. Bags of kisses are also sold to the student body with a message attached for their senior friends.

  • Graduation—Members hand out programs, work in the concession stand, and help seniors at graduation.

  • Miscellaneous other service when requested by administration or groups needing help.

Fundraising Activities

  • Ghostly Grams—suckers made up to look like ghosts are sold at noon by Honor Society members for students and their friends. Suckers are donated by Honor Society members, usually 3/$1.00.

  • Santa Grams—same as above but sold in December. Usually a candy cane and 3/$1.00.

  • Valentine Grams—same as above but sold in February.

  • When Dillon hosts the State Championship football game, members sell ads to businesses in town for the State Championship football program. Honor Society receives a percentage of the proceeds from the program sales.

Leadership Activities

The group will be led by officers; President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Typically, the president and vice-president are seniors and the secretary and treasurer are juniors. Elections are held in April.

Following the National Honor Society rules, any students, after 3 semesters of classwork at BCHS, will be invited to apply for membership in the BCHS Honor Society chapter. The letter of invitation and the Student Activity Form will be sent to each qualifying student by mail. Students MUST fill out and submit to the advisor the Student Activity form to be considered for membership. A Faculty Counsel is then convened to discuss all applicants. A faculty poll is also conducted in order to receive confidential feedback from faculty members who are not serving on the selection committee. Those who are chosen for membership are then notified of their selection by mail. Students who are not chosen for membership are also notified by mail with a short explanation of the reason for non-selection.

Induction of New Members

Teachers serving on the selection committee serve on a rotating basis for 3 years. The selection process is strictly confidential.

An induction ceremony is held in March or April with the officers giving speeches about the purposes of Honor Society. As per National Honor Society rules, new members MUST attend the induction ceremony to be considered members of the local chapter.

Membership requirements

For any student to be considered for membership in Honor Society, he/she must have 3 semesters of classwork either at BCHS or another school and must have a 3.5 G.P.A. After induction, each member must maintain a 3.25 G.P.A.

Students can be dismissed from the BCHS chapter when in violation of the rules set forth by the National Honor Society in the National Honor Society handbook.

Any student transferring from another school who was a member of Honor Society in that school may automatically become a member of the BCVHS chapter by giving the advisor a letter from the previous advisor stating that student was a member in good standing of another chapter of National Honor Society.


Dismissal will also occur after 3 unexcused meetings in a school year.