All MTDA students and parents should be receiving regular emails with updates from MTDA. Ms Perisho is the local support and will be monitoring progress for MTDA students. If you have any questions please contact her at 

Montana Digital Academy

MTDA provides an opportunity for students to take online classes.  The cost for MTDA courses are:

 $123 per semester enrollment for original credit 

$61.50 per quarter enrollment for credit recovery

Cost Sharing Information

  • Students need to be self-motivated and able to work independently in order to complete course assignments and requirements. The MTDA academic calendar is similar to, but not exactly aligned with, the BCHS academic calendar. Therefore, students wishing to take MTDA courses need to be aware of and abide by enrollment/drop deadlines set by MTDA, along with course start/end dates.

Students may take MTDA classes under the following circumstances 1) To take a course that is not offered at BCHS 2) To obtain additional credits needed for graduation requirements 3) To resolve a scheduling conflict 4) To make up a failed BCHS class through MTDA's credit recovery program. Students wishing to complete an MTDA course must complete the following steps:

1) Complete the application available in the BCHS Counseling Office

2) Submit application for approval to the Assistant Principal

3) Payment for courses are required before registration.

4) Upon approval, complete a Course Contract requiring the signature of the student, parent/guardian, and the BCHS Counselor.

5) When registering, sign up for a study hall period to be use for MTDA coursework.

Students take MTDA courses within a regularly scheduled class period. However, computer access outside BCHS is necessary as classes often require work to be completed outside of school. Students should read and fully understand the course description on the MTDA webpage for the class they wish to sign up for, and be able to obtain any required supplies listed there.

To learn more about digital academy courses, visit their webpage at or visit the counseling office.

Last Modified on October 21,2021