We are glad to hear you may be joining us at Beaverhead County High School! We are always happy to welcome a new member into our student body.

At approximately 300 students, BCHS is small enough that you will not feel like just another face in the crowd, but large enough to have plenty of things to get involved in. Please take a look at the different clubs and sports on this website to see if there's something you'd like to take part in.

We also have support programs available to students. For extra academic support there is the Title I program and lunch tutoring. Yellowstone Boys & Girls Ranch is a resource for mental, behavioral, and emotional support. If you have any questions about any of these programs, please contact the Ms Perisho at cperisho@bchsmt.com.

Enrollment Process

The first step in enrolling a new student is requesting records from the previous school. This can be done as part of a new student meeting with the counselor or can be done prior to the meeting if you notify us beforehand that you will be coming in to register.

You will then meet with the school counselor to sign up for classes, learn about the student handbook, and have any additional questions answered.

BCHS Course Guide