College Application Week

September 28-October 9th 2020

College Application Week is celebrated accross the country as a time to encourage and support students in applying to college. During this week, Seniors are able to submit one application to an in state school with the application fee being either waived or deferred.

At BCHS, we celebrate College Application Week by having Seniors fill out and submit a college application during their English classes. This way, they have complete guidance and support in filling out their application. We also encourage discussions to take place between teachers and students in class at all grade levels during the week about going to college. This helps students think about what they want to do after high school, and begin having questions answered about the college experience by people who have been there (teachers). Teachers create and hang signs in their rooms about the colleges they attended as a way to encourage curiosity and questions.

Below are pictures from this years College Application Week! Each English class is pictured holding signs depicting the schools students from that class chose to apply to.

For more information available on the web about going to college in Montana, visit http://www.mus.edu and www.reachhighermontana.org. You can explore facts and figures about colleges around the country using your Montana Career Information System account at www.mtcis.intocareers.org.