Level III Friday’s Guidelines/Schedule

Good evening, this is Gary Haverfield, Superintendent at Beaverhead County High School with an important announcement regarding this Friday October 23 schedule, Guidelines and procedures as a part of our Level III Plan and a reminder to our Opt-Out students 


  • Friday ‘s Schedule
    • Students who are non-proficient, which is determined by a failing grade in a class will attend school on Friday morning 8:00 am – 12:00
    • On Friday, those students will enter through the front main doors 8-8:15, they will have temperature checks, sign-in and attendance taken, then go to those classes in which they are failing
    • Non-proficient students will meet with those teachers that they have failing grades
    • When the student is finished with their session with their teachers for the day he/she can check out of the office, we will notify the parents, then the student will be allowed to leave
    • Busses will run their normal schedule on Friday morning and will pick up students at the high school at their regular time of 2:30 Friday after school
    • Opt-Out Students are required to make contact with all their teachers every Friday that school is in session either through, Google Meets, Zoom, and phone call. Etc., or any other method approved by their instructors
    • Opt-out students, that are not proficient, are not required to come in and attend in person on Friday’s, although we strongly encourage then to attend on Friday in person and work with their teachers
    • Teachers can be available for students who need and request extra help on Friday’s. Please visit with your teachers to schedule additional time on Friday’s
    • Friday’s is a time that teachers can use for student’s to  come into school and make up tests/quizzes
    • Students who are proficient will not be attending school, unless requested by a teacher(s) to attend to make up a test/quiz etc. However, they may be working offsite on a school work that has be assigned by their teacher(s)
  • Opt-Out Students
    • Students will be expected to follow our class schedule for all offsite classes – Our class schedule is listed on our website
    • Opt-Out students will attend via View Path every day for every class and every period Monday – Thursday. Friday’s schedule for our Opt-Out is in our Friday schedule plan and listed below
    • Teachers will send out a link to access View Path to all students through either their gmail account, Zoom, Google Classroom, or Google Meets site.
    • At the start of each period the students will log into each class and attend live from their offsite location