Hello this is Gary Haverfield, Superintendent at Beaverhead County High School with a few important messages.

Yesterday, April 22th Governor Bullock extended our current school closure through May 6th.  He also announced that starting May 7th returning to school would be left up to the local school Boards.

  •  I had a Zoom Meeting with Public Health and other county schools yesterday: Here are a few things that came from that meeting
  • CDC guidelines were discussed.  We also discussed how those guidelines are to be followed if schools return to live instruction
  • There are and were a multitude of factors discussed regarding the possibility of returning to live instruction
  • Public Health explained their viewpoints and concerns; Everything from returning to school now to what to possibly expect this fall
  • After listening to everyone and sharing their own thoughts, Public Health is going to draft a document with their decision on school instruction for the remainder of the year.  We anticipate getting that document, from Public Health in the very near future
  • Once we receive that document in its final form we will share it with everyone
  • We are also working  very, very closely with District #10 on coordinating any and everything regarding the Governors announcement & Public Health’s decision

Remote instruction will continue at least through May 6th and once a final decision is made we will make another announcement.

Our staff has worked hard to develop the best possible learning environment we can for our students during this unprecedented time. We understand it is not a perfect system and continue to evaluate its effectiveness. Again, this Friday April 24th and Monday April 27th our staff will complete another evaluation and assessment exercise on their delivery methods to date. Part of that process is asking students for input regarding the methods that were both effective and ineffective.

Students, thank you so much for your feedback in past exercises.   This practice was extremely helpful to our staff!! We hope this week’s evaluation will be equally as valuable to our staff. Therefore, please check your student gmails often and when asked about providing additional feedback to your teachers, please get back to them as soon as possible.