Hello this is Gary Haverfield, Superintendent at Beaverhead County High School with a few important messages.

Yesterday, April 7th Governor Bullock extended our current school closure through April 24th.  While this news is disappointing it was not unexpected. The online or alternative delivery methods of education will continue throughout our schools’ closure, with the exception of our Spring Break.

BCHS will follow our current school calendar for the remainder of the school year, regardless of the manner in which we deliver our curriculum.

Spring Break this year is scheduled and will begin on Thursday April 9th. School will be out at noon on Thursday April 9th and will extend through Monday April 13th.  School will resume on Tuesday April 14. Starting Thursday, tomorrow at noon, staff will not assign any new work and there will not be any new work assigned during our break.

Starting Tuesday April 14, staff will once again reengage with students and will continue to provide online and/or remote instruction in the manner in which was occurring before spring break.

Our staff has worked hard to develop the best possible learning environment we can for our students during this unprecedented time. We understand it is not a perfect system, therefore, our staff last Friday and Monday this week did a complete evaluation and assessment of their delivery methods to date. Part of that process was asking students for input regarding the methods that were both effective and ineffective.

Students, thank you so much for your feedback.  This practice was extremely helpful to our staff!! We will continue to assess and evaluate often. Therefore, please check your student gmails often and when asked about providing additional feedback to your teachers, please get back to them as soon as possible.

Parents, we also ask that you communicate with your child’s teacher(s) regarding the delivery methods that have been effective and not so effective. Our staff is trying to balance all those variables that impact parents, families, students, and staff, therefore your input to them is absolutely a critical part of the process. Parents:

  • Please check PowerSchool to confirm how your child is performing in their classes
  • Please check our website at www.bchsmt.com and the news/live Feed and Crisis information tab
  • Please communicate with your child’s teachers

We have set up a number of different options for students to be able to engage and participate. Hand delivery of materials, checking out chrome books, online delivery methods, and etc.   However, this type of “Crisis Schooling” has and will create barriers in many forms. The only way we can work through those barriers is by positive and effective communication with any and all school personnel.

Working Together is the only way this type of educational format is going to be successful.  We thank you for helping us further develop our plan and for your continued support.

We hope all of you have a safe and enjoyable Spring Break!!     Have a Great Evening!