A photo of a student standing on a stage receiving the "Doer of Good Deeds Award" form the White Hat Coalition for their fundraising efforts

White Hat Coalition presented the Beaverhead County High School Student Body with the group's annual" Doer of Good Deeds Award" for their fundraising efforts to help teacher and coach Steve Vezina and his battle with Cancer.

Students have a voice at BCHS-
Using the data from the MY Voice Survey, and the information from the student led focus groups, these changes were implemented in our school.

  • Improved relationships between staff and students

  • Morning announcements were being read over loud speaker

  • School store was implemented

  • Send off assemblies were reinstated

  • Students were being recognized for positive behavior

  • ~~~Stickers, Comments on report cards, 4 positives to 1 negative

  • Teachers put grades into powerschool in a timely manner

  • Teachers interacting with students more- getting out of their desks

  • Club fair for all students

  • Career fair for all students

  • Lock on the bathroom stalls

  • Rec Center ~ remodeled and turned into a common area

  • Intramurals

  • New Reward System - 10 minute early out for lunch